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Thiết bị khác - Thanh lý thiết bị Home control system của NGA

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_Do thanh lý công trình nên cần bán hệ thông Home control system của NGA. Giá call trực tiếp có giá tốt cho anh em nghiên cứu học hỏi trao đổi công nghệ

Thanh lý thiết bị Home control system của NGA

Thanh lý thiết bị Home control system của NGA

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SHTURMAN D12SS20 deserves to be called a control system of a smart house, because apart from illumination control, it can be used and for the control of other systems equipment, such as:

Climate control;


Systems of safety and access control;



Watering of flowerbeds and lawns...

HOWEVER - practically everything works from electricity! The use of Shturman D12SS20 CS in apartment or cottage brings the notable economy of the electric power and reduces to a minimum a possibility of occurrence of a fire. Imagine how many unnecessary consumers remain switched on when you leave the house! Chargers, circulating pumps, home appliances in standby mode, not to mention the iron and light. All problems are solved immediately by pressing the I HAVE LEFT button. The use of Shturman D12SS20 system in hotels, bars, and offices, sharply singles out these objects out of other projects as it provides its users with inaccessible earlier possibilities.

Competitive advantages:

- Possibility of installation and controller programming by any user of average qualification;

- Russian-speaking, intuitively clear interface of the appendix for programming;

- Resistance of the controller to rigid external hindrances, such as fluctuations in electric systems and electromagnetic irradiations. Shturman D12SS20 works at voltage from 80 to 276V:

- The open standard protocol with RS232, RS485 buses and the CAN-interface, allows using the controller with any foreign equipment, thus considerably reducing the general price of an object;

- The unprecedented small sizes of the controller (considering its wide range of possibilities) allow establishing it in standard DIN35 cabinets (44 units);

- Full self-sufficiency and autonomy of the controller assumes creation of centralized as well as decentralized block diagrams, using all advantages and those and others;

- Presence of informative indication on the controller allows defining a malfunction immediately and the design assumes full replacement of the device during several minutes, directly on working object, without switching-off the power;

- The range of the possibilities of the controller offers you the most favorable price-quality relationship in the market of smart houses and illumination control systems;

- It is possible to use any accessible detectors of movement, volume, remote controls of other manufacturers and any complete sets of the equipment produced for the control of smart houses with D12SS20 controller;

- The controller receives and transfers control commands in infrared range. Practically any for infrared remote control can be used for this purpose;

- The lowest specific power consumption on a unit of the operated channel;

- Exclusive appearance of the controller.

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