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share market on internet

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I ’ve heard people say , high-wage job bank , ’ sitting cool bowl of gold ’ ; in Banking , people , all levels who also had to work hard to complete ; very day I leave her husband , leaving the ’ hybrid ears , their future ’ because of work at the office or in the EA ; should also work in understanding , encouragement ; I do not even two children , the younger they are often sulky , sulky parents ; While growing up , knowing there is but only a little bit better . My older daughter years before at the University , studying audit because it says ’ Why should parents do all the little bank to be together ; later the poor would rather not bother to do banking , ’although my husband and me advice ! One time , my husband fabricated philosophy : ’ Life is like breeze , Europe is also the industry ’ ; My husband laughed , continued: ’ thanks anyway so that now there is a new family happy life today .’ I understand how to purchase Shares . gave me , for he was too much ; knowing in life , love , career , life … happiness is not self to which we , everyone has to fight to get it. I know I still love my job very much, the job full ’ glory and bitterness ’ is. can proudly say to our children that he had served in the Bank of Agriculture and Rural Development of Vietnam . Nature in me feelings suddenly surge purchase shares

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