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Cần nhờ các thánh pro tiếng anh hoặc và am hiểu về ngân hàng giải thích dùm em cái này

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Dear customer

Effective 21 July 2013, HSBC is changing the method of claiming OUR charges for foreign currency (FCY) payments initiated by its customers. HSBC will charge a flat correspondent bank fee of USD 25 when your charge type in foreign currency transaction is mentioned as OUR. The charge of USD 25 will be deducted at the time of payment processing.

Until 20 July 2013, HSBC will continue with its existing practice of deducting OUR charges from FCY payments i.e. deduct OUR charges from customer’s account when correspondent bank requests it from HSBC.

The change will benefit customers in the following ways:

You are assured of a fixed correspondent bank fee of USD25 (or equivalent). The charge will be clearly stated in your statement as a separate entry

There will be no further deductions / claims regarding the same payment from your account if the payment is processed without any exception.

For further understanding, below are the Frequently Asked Questions:

What are OUR charges?

When processing a foreign currency transaction (USD, EUR, GBP, etc.) payer can choose to pay processing fee of correspondent bank. By selecting charge type OUR, payer agrees to bear the charges of correspondent bank (which vary from bank to bank).If payer chooses not to bear these charges, then payer must select charge type SHA and correspondent bank charges will be deducted from beneficiary’s proceeds.

Will OUR charges be deducted from EGP payments as well?

No, OUR charges of USD 25 (or equivalent) will be deducted for payments sent in foreign currency only, either domestically or internationally.

If I do not want to bear the cost of correspondent bank, what should I do?

By sending foreign currency payment as SHA, you agree to pay processing charges of HSBC. Any charges of correspondent bank or beneficiary bank will be deducted from remittance amount.

Why is this fee not listed in your General Tariff listing?

Our General Tariff listing only features fees that we assess or collect. It is not our practice to publish charges that do not belong to HSBC Egypt.

Can I please ask for a refund of the amount deducted?

No. Since this charge is not collected for HSBC Egypt, we regret to inform you that we will not be able to refund the charge to you.

Will I be charged anything else after deduction of OUR charges?

If there is no exception in your payments (e.g. beneficiary account closed) then beneficiary bank may deduct exception handling charges from original payment instruction.

Are OUR charges applicable to a particular channel of payment?

No, irrespective of the how you submit the instruction (Business Internet Banking, HSBCnet, or branches) a standard charge will be deducted from your account.

Cái 25$ này nghĩa là sao hả các bác

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