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AUDI A4 (8E)

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Thinking in the organization with the old in search of some information about AUDI A4 also want qwaqwa A4 old body look like such a beauty, GT2871 turbocharger would like to talk about how how stable its engine performance, excellent, but would like to praise it solid chassis power rack to go to what extent one …… but still not trying to think back to spend more ink, after all, is a 1995 A4 AUDI 80/90 begin to succeed, people around the world is a much praise sports car, alone, examples of this side, if you can give a strong evidence for the above said.

If the BMW 3 Series has been a battle of wits with the A4, it is an old topic over the years, so the original car to temporarily leave alone, we are talking about modified cars more attuned to what we are saying the topic. And when it comes to both the probability of conversion in the streets in this area, A4 will be doing my part in the BMW 3 front row. Let’s just say, we say that the last point, most recently in the forum they themselves discovered a modified message 3.0 quattro A4, and again this is for everyone to bring the A4 1.8T, Relying on this momentum can be modified 3 Series behind the.


Mentioned before the appearance of the car megane turbocharger body modification, first to elicit a story about S4, and said this could easily reminiscent of previously reported appearance of the body modification imitation S4 A4, was also good-looking exterior styling sell it? If not seem fun at the time, then, the following to attach more pictures, one for readers who enjoy your fill, do not forget to watch later express your own views. Because it is always the problem of aesthetics, there are different views will no longer normal thing.

In fact, from the lines above, or the majority of the fans can be perceived in this car is a modified exterior styling imitation S4 A4? That’s right, this car has been chosen to configure most exclusive S4 only in the body, exactly what part? I believe that you can not escape the sharp eyes.

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